DjPhilip organises parties now in Athens. The ZDARMA 20 PARTY will take place in the greek capital early in 2007 ! (more details to follow...)

About DjPhilip.

His story, favourite styles & best track mp3 samples, photos, cd compilations.

The original ZDARMA parties collection.

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This section of zdarmanet is constantly updated by Zdarma's president, Filippos (djPhilip).

DjPhilip, fine music that lasts.
Also visit my other sites:
Morianova - Trasta ballet school (Athens, Greece).
Dimitriou - Spiliakos Law Office. Specialising in Commercial, E-commerce, Intellectual propriety, and criminal law (Greece & International).
Kinisi-Siganos bikes, the high-tech bikeshop of Athens, Greece.
Filippos bikeshop, the bike technical specifications site.

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