My mixing style today.
After having mixed in the Champs Elysées, Paris (Club SixSeven, Old Monkey club) in may 2003, I'm planning to mix on some prestigious cafés in Lille, Paris and Brussels. The parties also continue, an exclusive funky house party took place on the 17th. I also plan to mix during the holidays (july-august) in Greece...In september, I'm back in Lille, then in October I'll mix in Birmingham and somewhere in Ireland too! Then back again for good in Athens, where I'll try to find a cool café to mix as a resident dj. Wait to find my name on the MIM (music industry manual) 2004 for international mixings..only pure chill/balearic style or as a warming-up dj with cool/ambient house ! (offers welcome).
How do I mix ?
I actually mix with vinyl recordings. I sometimes use a double cd player for our own tracks and for music styles that don't exist in vinyl format. As a big vinyl collector, my collection expands every week and I actually own lots of hard-to-find, high quality tracks, imported from all around the globe..which guarantees to quality bars/clubs prestigious or unusual music sequencing. Music styles include: Funky house, house, disco, garage, and of course Balearic/chillout, downtempo, electro jazz, ambient & deep house and samba house. I can mix almost every mixable style of music, including oriental/greek/latino, because my collection also includes about 2000 cds of every style. The styles I love is balearic ambient and funky/disco house and the ones I don't mix is rap and drum & bass.

Why do I mix music ?
I always loved music, and I wanted to do more than just listening to it, even if I am not a musician, like the rest of my family (actually, I am a legal advisor in a Law firm in Athens). Thanks to my passion and experience in dance shows since I was a kid, I started organising big parties in 1996. In the same time, I was mixing the music in them..Despite that, I follow the evolution of dance music since 1989, when I discovered the club scene thanks to my friends Makis & Tassos, djs since then.
How did I mix ?
In the beginning, I used my computer: two sound cards, each one assigned to a separate channel (master & headphones cue). The first Zdarma parties (1996-2000) were guided by Mp3s, all compressed from our original cds by the Zdarma team. At the moment, I had about 10000 tracks of all styles. The hi-fi system plugged to this computer wasn't very powerful, so Mp3's were fine. Everybody was happy with the variety of music styles and choices...but i needed something more. And even if I still use my computers, it's for mixing the final sessions of live vinyl-mixes or make our own zdarma songs.

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