Quality music international dj.
ZDARMANET nickname: djphilip
email: djphilip@dim.gr
telephones: greece: +30 6937700699.

DjPhilip: Filippos Dimitriou.
Place/date of birth: Athens, Greece, 22 april 1976.
Music styles: Balearic/chillout, electro jazz and ambient house. For parties, funky and disco house.
Favourite places to mix: Classy and serious coffee shops, summer discos with funny atmosphere..

Details, stories and photos about me.
Why, when and where I mix..
Personal music styles [+mp3 samples]
Kind of personal charts, to understand better my music choices by listening to some mp3 samples from my collection.

Mixes & compilations
Cd covers of my most popular cd-mixes..

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